Nish Insurance

Your cargo is safe with our insurance

Nish Insurance, Road, Minivan, Intermodal, Air and Sea transport of goods; is an integrated transportation insurance service brand that covers the damages that may occur during crash, collision, fire, explosion, loading, transfer and unloading within the terms of the policy.

Optionally, guarantees are also provided against Warehouse Guarantee, Transfer Guarantee, Initial Shipment, End Shipment and War Strike guarantees.

Transport Insurance Guarantees

Institute Cargo Clauses (A) - All Risks (Comprehensive Coverage)

Except for the exceptions in the General Conditions of the Policy, it provides protection against all damages that the transported cargo will suffer from until it reaches the destination warehouse. Includes loading, unloading, and collateral for partial damage.

Institute Cargo Clauses (C) - Narrow Coverage

It is the insurance of the transported cargo and the vehicle carrying it against the damages they will incur as a result of a risk they will encounter during transportation. The main risks that are not covered by this coverage are theft, wetting and loss of the cargo.

Full Ziya Clause

It is the guarantee given against the complete damage and unusability of the goods together with the transporting vehicle, that is, it is given against the risk of complete loss of the transported commodity due to the complete sinking of the transporting ship, the overturning of the truck, the crash of the plane, the overturning and destruction of the train.

In addition to our global FFL insurance, we also provide two-way coverage with our subscription insurance (on request).