Road Transport

Road Transport is a strong road transport brand with which we distribute export and import cargoes at all corners of the world.

Worldwide Transport

Road Transport's worldwide agency network and expert team develop the most suitable solutions for overland transport needs. It perfectly supports the planning, scheduling, and delivery management processes of all transport organizations throughout Europe with status reports.

Safety and Fast Delivery

Loading and delivery (transfer, storage, door delivery, internal transport, customs clearance, warehouse services, etc.) applications are planned in the most accurate way, with strong information flow, and ideal time management. Shipments and loads are delivered securely to their delivery addresses.

Our NISH Road Transport Services

  • Groupage and complete transport operations
  • Transport services for loads requiring special equipment and vehicles (construction machinery etc.)
  • Shipping services from Turkey to Europe, the Balkans, Asia, and the Middle East
  • Textile transport (hanging/parcel) services
  • Shipping services from European countries to Turkey, the Balkans, Asia, and the Middle East
  • Communication/information and voyage tracking services via satellite, internet, and mobile phone tools
  • Our Transport Alternatives
  • Warehouse to Warehouse (Complete/Partial Trailer Truck)
  • Warehouse to Door (Complete/Partial Trailer Truck )
  • Door to Warehouse (Complete/Partial Trailer Truck)
  • Door to Door (Complete/Partial Trailer TrucK)

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