Integrated Logistics Service


Our integrated logistics support application services allow us to diversify our activities and go beyond the world of transport to offer you additional services and added value. We take care of providing the hygienic conditions that the type of goods requires, organizing the supply chain in the most efficient way, ensuring the documentation necessary to comply with legislation and keeping you up to date regarding the information needed at each stage of your production. We are committed as a full support partner with our expertise in integrated logistics system.


Regardless of your sector of activity, we offer the most precise solutions by determining with precision all the customs services you need in your logistics journey from all departure points to all destinations. Our experienced and careful team accompanies you in all customs around the world to ensure the fluidity of your shipments without worrying about the necessary documentation.


Thanks to our cross transport solutions, we ensure that your products are delivered to the address to which they belong without any delay, as soon as production is completed, thus helping to reduce your storage costs. Cross Docking, which is one of the most profitable supply chain strategies, must be planned meticulously, with very precise timing. NISH LOGISTICS integrates knowledge and experience to provide you with the best service and remain your trusted solution partner.


We meet your logistics needs as efficiently as possible to support your efforts, assist you in expanding your business and expanding your market volume.

We work with dedication to ensure that your load can be delivered safely to any destination, and thus help make the globe more accessible to your business.

Our qualified and motivated team always aims to present innovative approaches and provide you with solution-oriented services.


NISH LOGISTICS is by your side with storage services that aim to meet your needs in the most affordable way and with flexible solutions that can be adapted to your production structure and your expectations. We offer modern and hygienic storage solutions, integrated with the most advanced warehouse management and monitoring systems, which offer you the storage conditions tailored to your products in many regions of the world, and protected 24/7 with high level security systems.


NISH LOGISTICS cares about each customer. In addition to our transportation services, we provide a wide range of value-added services such as packaging, labeling, adding price tags, product control, handling, placement etc. We offer you to manage your production and logistics processes in the most efficient way.